Welcome to the Ferdinand Ries Society

Ferdinand Ries was, after Ludwig van Beethoven, the most significant composer of the city of Bonn. The Ferdinand Ries Society was founded in his honour in his native Bonn on 15th December 2008, one hundred and seventy years after his death, by musicians, conductors, music historians and music lovers.

The Ferdinand Ries Society takes the legal form of a registered, non-profit-making association. Membership fees and donations to the society are tax-deductible in Germany. It is possible that you are also eligible for tax relief if you live abroad (i.e. not in Germany) and are taxable where you live. We suggest that you make enquiries with your tax consultant or local tax office. 

Registered seat of the society

Kaufmannstr. 32
53153 Bonn


The aim and purpose of the society is to conserve and foster the musical oeuvre of the composer Ferdinand Ries and to pursue the academic study of his life and work. Its particular endeavour is to found, in collaboration with public institutions and other promoting organizations, a regularly occurring “Ferdinand Ries Festival”.

The society has also set itself the task of researching into, and publishing on, the lives and works of the other musical members of the Ries family (Johann, Franz Anton, Anna Maria Ries-Drewer, Hubert, Louis, Adolph and Franz Ries etc.).

Officers of the Ferdinand Ries Society

Barbara Mülhens-Molderings M.A.

Vice Chairman
Prof. Heinz-Günther Prager

Ingrid Schulz-Ecker

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Become a Member!
Sample Recording
Ries Gesellschaft
Lorenz Janscha, Johann Ziegler: Ansicht des Theaters und Redoutensaales zu Godesberg, kolorierter Kupferstich 1729, markiert: Ferdinand Ries Geburtshaus
Ferdinand Ries around 1820, Oil/Lwd., Beethoven-House Bonn